Hiring the Right Talent At the Right Time

One of the most crucial tasks for any company is to hire the right talent at the right time, and the process becomes further challenging if your organization is a niche industry.

Talent Partners’ fees are on a contingency basis. There’s no charge unless you choose one of our referred candidates. But more importantly, what’s the cost of a key position remaining unfilled for too long?

Recruiting Company Expenses vs. the Cost of a Slow Hire

An unfilled open software development position could result in missed timelines and competitors getting to market first,

A key service manager position could result in unresolved customer issues, slower response times, poor industry references, or the cost of losing and replacing one customer?

If a sales position equates to $2M in annual revenue, what’s the opportunity cost for an unfilled opening after 6 months have passed?

Consider an accounts receivable position that’s been open for 7 months. Are your top performers absorbing the load? What’s the cost of losing a top performer to another employer, and how important are timely receivables to your organization?